Gardening Services

Gardening ServicesSydney gardening services by Carpets Cleaning Sydney are a great way to have a beautiful, relaxing garden you can enjoy during your free time without having to put in all the hard work that uses up that free time! Now, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, you can also be lucky enough to get great Sydney gardening services that are affordable and convenient, so you can actually use and enjoy your garden!

Carpets Cleaning Sydney employs only expert, experienced local Sydney gardeners and landscapers to provide the gardening services Sydney residents have come to expect from professional gardening service providers. Our experienced local gardeners will quickly and skillfully repair neglected lawns, hedges, and other garden elements that are in need of serious help. They also provide:

  • Professional lawn planting, mowing, and general lawn care
  • Lawn and flower bed weeding
  • Pruning and trimming of trees, bushes, and hedges to give your garden a clean, well-organized and manicured appearance
  • Landscaping of existing garden features
  • Clearing of driveways, paths
  • Organic composting, garden waste clearance, and organic waste recycling
  • Many more Sydney gardening services

Our professional gardeners will work quickly and efficiently to restore or maintain your garden to great health in the shortest amount of time while saving you money. Our professionals provide gardening services 7 days a week, and there is no surcharge for evening services.

Our support staff is available at any time to answer any questions you may have about our landscaping and gardening packages, to help you determine what kind of services you are expecting or needing, and to provide you with a quote. This information is also available on our pricing page. They can also book your next gardening service appointment, or set up a schedule for regular gardening services in Sydney. All you have to do is call on (02) 9098 4315 or send us a service request by using our online form.